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Seek spaces in between.

People who are more than what they seem.

Feel the cracks that let the light in.

Rise above the noise. The din.

Every moment lives inside you.

So never settle or simply ‘make do’.

In the end, all that remains is connection.

A palace of reflection.

Our one true legacy.


'Hadaka' means 'nude' or 'naked' in Japanese. For us, it's a celebration of our natural self. Without pretence. Without ego. So we can seek connection in everything we do.

Not just another denim brand, HADAKA DENIM is an antidote to today's quick fix transactional culture.


We make non-seasonal carefully tailored clothes in sustainable fabrics that weave into the fabric of people's lives. Becoming part of their every day uniform.


HADAKA DENIM offers high quality simple pieces.

Well-loved and well-lived denim that's an extension of people's personality.

These are the pieces that people can't live without. Returning to them time and time again.



As we were born.