Our Story

HADAKA means naked in Japanese

HADAKA stands for honesty

beauty in imperfection and strength in sensuality

HADAKA is pure

HADAKA is getting back to the freedom of being as we were born

Hadaka’s seed was sown when a Swedish designer and Japanese/English photographer had the idea to create a series of photo projects that showcase the human form in all its strength and beauty. Both designer and photographer passionately believed in creating a brand that would be, in equal parts, empowering and inspiring. And so Hadaka was born.

Today, Hadaka is a non-seasonal clothing label, but not only this, it’s also a platform for telling unique and inspiring stories in close collaboration with talented artists and makers, from Gothenburg, Tokyo, London and Amsterdam to name just a few. A holistically-designed brand with an uncompromising and honest approach to everything from production values, to storytelling and creativity. We’re happy to be able to share our love story with the human form with you.